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Online Application for PG Special Back, PG Improvement and UG Special Examination (September 2018)

Application submission will close at 4.00 pm on 06-09-2018.


  1. Please be careful while entering your ROLL NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH as your fee is mapped with the ROLL NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH, if you enter wrong details the fee will be submitted in the account of any other student and it will not be refunded. In that case student will have to submit the fee again with correct ROLL NUMBER and DATE OF BIRTH.
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    1. Special Semester Examination (September 2018)
      UG (B. A./B. Sc./B. Com.) Students who were admitted in 2016 but failed/COP in 1st semester in December 2016 and/or 2nd Semester in May 2018 or B. A. students who did not opt for compulsory Language Paper.
      Lukrd Lrj ¼ch0 ,0@ch0 ,l&lh0@ch0 dkWe0½ ds os Nk= ftUgkasus o"kZ 2016 esa izos'k fy;k ysfdu fnlEcj] 2016 ds izFke lsesLVj vFkok ebZ] 2018 ds f}rh; lsesLVj esa vuqRrh.kZ gq, gksaa vFkok ch0 ,0 d{kk ds os Nk= ftUgksaus vfuok;Z Hkk"kk fo"k; ugha fy;k gksA
    2. Special Back Paper Examination (September 2018) for PG (M. A./M. Com. M. Sc.) Students
      1- Only those students who have appeared in their fourth semester examination shall be eligible.
      2- All those students who had enrolled in 2014 (first semester examination in December 2014) and on wards shall be eligible to appear in the special back in the paper in which they have failed.
      1- LukrdksRrj Lrj ¼,e0 ,0@,e0 ,l&lh0@,e0 dkWe0½ ds dsoy og Nk= tksfd prqFkZ lsesLVj dh ijh{kk esa lfEefyr gks pqds gSa] ijh{kk gsrq vgZ gSaA
      2- LukrdksRrj Lrj ¼,e0 ,0@,e0 ,l&lh0@,e0 dkWe0½ ds dsoy og Nk= ftudk ukekadu o"kZ 2014 ¼izFke lsesLVj fnlEcj] 2014½ rFkk mlds mijkUr gqvk gS Lis'ky cSd ijh{kk gsrq vgZ gSaA
    3. Improvement Examination (September 2018) for PG (M. A./M. Com. M. Sc.) Students
      Students who have passed in third semester in December - 2017 and fourth semester in June 2018 and wish to improve in any paper (only one paper per semester) shall be eligible to appear in the improvement examination.
      LukrdksRrj Lrj ¼,e0 ,0@,e0 dkWe0@,e0 ,l&lh0½ ds os Nk= ftUgksaus r`rh; lsesLVj fnlEcj] 2017 rFkk prqFkZ lsesLVj twu] 2018 esa dh ijh{kk mRrh.kZ dh gks rFkk os fdlh 01 iz'ui= ¼izfr lsesLVj½ esa lq/kkj ijh{kk esa lfEefyr gksuk pkgrs gSa vgZ gSaA


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